PVC Sheet-Lining Inspection

Wastewater systems are built to last generations, if properly protected. To ensure the longevity of these intricate structures of concrete, pipes and tunnels, they are often lined with a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin based sheet material that acts as a barrier against extremely hostile environments. However, a PVC liner system - such as T-Lock® or Arrow-Lock® or Armorlok Embedded PVC or Armorlok Shieldlok - will only protect the underlying substrate if the liner is applied correctly, free of pinholes, and with properly installed wield seams.

CSI provides you with just that - a quality-assurance verification that you PVC liner is correctly installed or repaired. Wastewater system owners have come to realize time and again the value of identifying liner installation problems before their system is placed into service. It is a small cost toward a long-term investment.


The veteran CSI team has an excellent reputation for providing unbiased professional inspection services. We verify that your linear system is properly installed - from its initial anchoring through frinal inspection testing. For example, CSI utilizes high-voltage holiday detection to determine if the sheet connections are correctly installed and employs weld probing and pull testing to ensure the strength of the welds and the reliability of the entire PVC lining system.

This weld quality-assurance program provides a continuous joint that is equal in corrosion resistance and impermeability as the liner plate. It guarantees that a weld does not lift from the liner as it encounters the various factors of its future service environment. Issues, such as contraction due to temperature variance, debris friction delivered by passing current, or soil settlement, can all play a part in dislodging a portion of a weld from the liner. Fortunately, a simple inspection from CSI can identify whether your project's line requires repair before the system is put into service.

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