Comprehensive Coating Expertise And Failure Analysis

Project design

Many clients who have experienced coating failures now recognize the importance of coating expertise. They realize that understanding the coatings used to protect their capital investment is often the difference between long-term success and premature failure. CSI's involvement in public committees and its ability to act as a hub for industry knowledge assures that our design considerations include the most advanced technologies available.

The CSI staff is in the business of making informed and accurate recommendations that help you obtain the maximum life from your coating system. It is the company's philosophy to take the guess work out of coating maintenance and help you save money, operate safely and provide quality products to your customers.

The diverse experience of the CSI team can also provide support services for both new and maintenance projects through facility surveys. Based on industry standards and CSI's years of experience, technicians and engineers follow specific procedures and methods to determine the condition of your coating and structure.


Project design

Once a plan of action is decided. CSI develops comprehensive technical specifications to assure that you receive the most quality-conscious craftsmanship in the most cost-effective manner. This third-party, independent approach extends to providing unbiased, experienced support throughout your repair or repainting project. During the construction phase of your project, the quality of your contracted work can be verified using CSI's in-process inspection services. This will ensure that all techincal requirements are properly met and quality and regulatory standards are accomplished.

Investigative Evaluations

When the quality of your coating application fails. CSI's experienced staff is well trained in helping to resolve any questions or disputes regarding the reason for the failure. A CSI professional will conduct an on-site comprehensive investigation and systematic evaluation of the structure, addressing questions or concerns about the coating. CSI has the ability to evaluate virtually any structure through uniquely secured rigging, extreme confined entry procedures, or through its in-house Underwater Inspection Division. Clients are provided detailed reports, outlining CSI's findings and data, laboratory analysis, and conclusions and recommendations for corrective measures, such as repairs or repainting.


Legal Support and Expert Witness

If legal action is required to support claims of premature coating failures or questionable quality issues, CSI's professional staff can provide answers to the fundamental questions of: What is wrong?; Why is it wrong?; How should it be fixed?; and Who is responsible? The principal evidence is provided within our professional reports that contain documented discoveries, findings, conclusions and recommendations for remedial work. This experienced team has presented depositions and courtroom testimony for numerous clients who have had coatings problems on such structures as bridges, ships, railcars, tanks, amusement parks, off-shore platforms, towers, structural steel in chemical and manufacturing plants, high-rises, condominiums, residential housing, storage tanks, swimming pools and nuclear facilities.

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